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Kim Bolsover

Kim Bolsover


Thank God someone else
in this industry talks like this

About "Do You Look Good in Pink?"

Prue Bartels

Hey Kim I love your newsletter!

Thank God someone else in this industry talks like this.  You sound soooooooooooo much like me.  I can so relate to what you are saying and how you are saying it... reminiscent of some of my old newsletters.

Cheers, Prue Bartels
The Image Centre , Australia

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About "How scary are your eyebrows?"

Oh Kim that story made me chuckle!  I have a personal hate of non-eyebrows or overdone ones too.

About "Exactly which black cowl-neck dress did you think I meant?"

Oh Kim you are hysterical at times LOL!!  I LOVE the way you take on the media / celebrities et al.  It's so refreshing to hear someone actually tell it like it is!


About "The Colour Orange"
LOVED the entire article..you are so right on!  Everything I teach to my clients, too.  I could've written it!  Am forwarding it on to my clients... Sue Slight Macartney, Your Color , USA


I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter because it gives me the chance to see how other image consultants work all over the world and to read real-life stories. Ameriga Giannone, Santiago, Chile


About "The Psychology of Colour"

I have just read Issue 9 Psychology of Colour...... and was delighted when it appeared on my screen as this is something I am interested in. I am an image consultant in Northern Ireland.

However, I really want to say HOW MUCH I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and learning from them and so wish I had enquired about your courses prior to doing a Colour Analysis course last year. It was quite costly and unfortunately, I couldn't put additional money into yours, at present. Having read an recent e-mail of yours re Colour... there is so much depth to it than what I feel I have learned.

Anyway Kim, keep those e-mails coming! I so look forward to reading/learning as I speak at a lot of ladies' meetings, etc.

Shirley Somerville-Hoyle, Northern Ireland


"Hi Kim! I love receiving your emails. I always read them. Not only are you wise, you have a cracking sense of humour. My training with you has helped me immensely since I arrived back in Canada." Julie, Jewellery franchise owner, Canada


About 'Can an Autumn wear black' -"Hi Kim! I wear black quite a lot and think it looks fine on me so I agree with you! Here's my photo - an Autumn wearing black." Nancy, Image consultant, USA


About 'Can an Autumn wear black' -"I just had to reply to your article "Can an Autumn wear black" and I totally agree with you. I think that there are still consultants and trainers who have this idea and enforce it on not only up-and-coming consultants but members of the public as well.

When I trained a few years ago, I was told that only 14% of the population of the world should wear black and the remaining should in no account wear black at all. I had one client who apparently was told that not only should she not wear black but also brown as well and, as a result, she had avoided these colours for years. Absolutely bonkers!

My own experience also happened when I was in training. I was told that I was a warm, dark, bright. When doing the shopping training I saw this fabulous jacket in a bright green with beautiful embroidery. I asked the trainer if after the training would she mind waiting a few minutes so that I could buy it. Her reply was, "I would have to see it first." When she saw it her reply was, "No, you cannot buy it as it is not in your colour scheme." Feeling somewhat deflated, I left the store empty handed. However, a few weeks later I saw this jacket in my local store and it was half price. It was obviously destined to be mine and I thought I don't care if it is not in my colour scheme, I was determined to buy it. So purchase it I did and when I got home I checked the colours in my chart and what a surprise, it was in there. This jacket now has pride in my wardrobe and I wear it when I need a lift.

After experiencing this first hand, my advice to my own clients reflects what you say. It you feel great in it, wear it. Unfortunately, I think that the company that I trained with as well as others are still putting out this message that people should not wear certain colours and are very forceful. This makes the client feel deflated and they do not enjoy the experience.

Sorry for the long response but I just thought that I should say well done for saying what I have been thinking for years." Karen, Image consultant, UK


About 'Can an Autumn wear black' -"That silly 'only Winters can wear black' brings back memories of the early 80s lol!  Another famous phrase from the 80s was 'Winters aren’t blonde'! Guess we all had to start somewhere..." Prue, Image Consultant, Australia


About 'Sometimes you just need to ask an expert' -"I loved your thing about basil plants - I've even braved buying a new plant....we'll see - and the point about experts was well made!" Jane, Life coach and image consultant, UK


About 'Be Who You Really Are' -"Loving that article, these things always make me laugh.  I am a natural blonde and the least agressive person I know, but not just that my mum is a natural redhead, and they always say that red heads have a fiery temper, well my mum is a completely chilled out person who rarely lets life get on top of her. You are absolutely right when youy say, we should just be oursleves.  Don't conform to what people think you should be, just be yourself and the people that matter will love you for it." Pamela, UK


About 'Vodka & Red Bull Christmas Cake' -"Dear Kim, thank you very much for your nice recipe :-) . A wish for beautiful New Year full of happiness and very much satisfied clients." Adriana, Slovakia


About 'Vodka & Red Bull Christmas Cake' -"Brilliant! Every good wish for 2010, I enjoy the way you put your message across. I'm 'lurking' at the moment but will take the plunge one day!" Pennie, UK


About 'What to wear for the Christmas festivities' -"Just a quickie to say how much I enjoy reading your emails.. they are so well written, funny, innovative and inspirational.. also kind.. Having been a fashion journalist, I only wish that more writers would be as down to earth, witty and warm as you are... wishing you a gorgeous and colourful Christmas and 2010! Encore!" Roz


About 'If you feel good, then you'll look good too' -"Thanks for the style info using the coat as an example, Kim, it was a great visual. Loved it! Encore!" Lorraine, Image Consultant, UK


About 'From dark to blonde' -"Well what a fascinating story, and insight into a parallel universe as far as I'm concerned. Your closing remarks said it all, in that it was all clearly worth it to you to enable you to go on being, feeling and looking like you - this important thing that you have taught me. My auburn hair is beginning to go grey. I don't know what I'll do, I'll just see what it looks like as it changes, but I do like the colour of my hair and I don't really want it to go, but I can't imagine going through your process." Susan, UK


About 'What to wear to a bit of a 'do'' -"I do enjoy your newsletters, although I could never be an image consultant! I was interested to hear of your dilemma re the 'do'. And in the photo you do look very good." Susan, UK


About 'Stories from the changing room (part 1)' -"Love your story below. My payment just went through so I look forward to receiving my drapes, very exciting. Im venturing into the world of colour consulting - can you believe my mum used to do it 15 years ago?? Looking forward toyour next story." Michelle, Image Consultant, UK


About 'The Colour Orange' -"LOVED the entire article..you are so right on!  Everything I teach to my clients, too.  I could've written it!  Am forwarding it on to my clients..." SSM, Image Consultant, USA


About 'The Colour Orange' -"I have eliminated orange from my wardrobe. That day's consultancy with you has changed my life. The wardrobe is so much simpler. The lipstick and blusher goes on more. My business is booming (yes, in this recession), and fuschia reigns!" Tina, UK


About 'Do other people take YOU seriously?' -"May I say I have never heard / read this so eloquently put regarding being taken seriously. I shall be quoting you! Hear, hear!" DS, Image Consultant, UK


About 'Will wearing grey lipstick make you look good?' -"Thank you!  There is nothing fresh and balanced about being all eyes and nothing else.  Besides, we gals who like to wear well blended makeup are seen as archaic because we aren't doing the latest thing.  I'm totally behind you.  Put on eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.  Don't be afraid of makeup.  Just do it with balance in mind.  I swear it's all part of this "let's all wear black" period in time we're going through.  We Summers don't get much of a chance.  Thank you for another great article." Catherine, USA


About 'Exactly which black cowl-neck dress did you think I meant?' -"Brilliant !! I love your style and approach and really enjoy reading your articles! I have joined your members' area and am having great pleasure reading the ebook that I have signed up for .... Keep it coming. It brightens my day!" JH, UK


About 'Exactly which black cowl-neck dress did you think I meant?' -"Oh Kim you are hysterical at times LOL!!  I LOVE the way you take on the media / celebrities et al.  It's so refreshing to hear someone actually put their 'cock on the block' & tell it like it is!!" PB, Image consultant, Australia


About 'Do you really want to look like someone who lives in a picnic basket?' -"It was good to get your recent articles.  I have printed them all out and refer to them every now and again to keep my mind positive with your irreverance - brilliant!" MKB, Image consultant, UK



"Just a note to say that although I am on many newsletter type lists, yours is the most interesting and genuinely helpful and I love the way you come through so clearly,  I always open them immediately." VS, Image consultant, UK


About 'How scary are your eyebrows?' -"Kim, you are too much!! But so right."Heather, UK


About 'How scary are your eyebrows?' -"Oh, I laughed so much on this one!!!  Great job.  I know about this subject from both sides.  I plucked my eyebrows fairly thin in the 70's and they never grew back.  I have to use brow powder for a little more definition.  I also know about how a cool dirty blonde cannot easily find a cool powder.  Seem the manufacturers think we all have warm (aka orange on me) brows.Also I recognized a coworker in your comments so I had to laugh again when you spoke of the sister who filled hers in.  I have a coworker in another department with WHITE hair and BLACK drawn eyebrows.  Now I'm not saying that as a younger woman she was not a dark headed woman.  I am just saying that neither of these colors are found in nature!!!   Great article!  Keep up the good work."Catherine, Texas, USA


About 'Do You Look Good in Pink?' -"Kim … I loved your ramble … more whenever the notion strikes, please … PS I am slowly ‘processing’ the idea of giving up a decades old habit of buying / wearing black pants for work and evening wear. As an Autumn I need to go for a new neutral without feeling as though I m giving up some sense of classic good looks… That said I am attracted to sage green.  A tough change here in North America as everything in the stores is black, white or grey for Autumn…. I’m blaming Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana… So your nudges and reminders are great." Sandra, Canada


About 'Stories from the Changing Room (Part 2)' -"Perfect little story - I shall be using it in my lunch networking meeting talk this week! You have a real gift for spinning the message!" Felicity, Image Consultant, UK


"I love the photos, a little make-up makes so much difference. I saw a lady on Thursday and just a little lipstick made the world of difference. She does not wear make-up and it transformed her. Her friend who was with her could not believe it." AS, Image Consultant, Isle of Man


"Thanks for all your emails, they make me die laughing as well as see sense! Keep em coming!" Heather, UK


"Thank you for your continual handy hints on all levels on self improvement. I look forward to the newsletter!" KK, Image consultant, Australia


"What a great article!  Thank you.  As I read about the coral suit I thought, 'Oh my goodness, I did that too!' – I think it was the same year that I bought a drop-waisted (to the hip) pale peach summer dress (even worse, wouldn’t you say, for a Winter?)" PG, Image consultant, UK


"Thanks for the wonderful stories presented in your frequent newsletters." Two image consultants, Derbyshire, UK


"I read your newsletter tagged "Do you look good in pink?" To be frank with you, most people have been filled with these jargons and they really need to change their orientation. I wouldn't mind having more of this so that I can learn more and share with my friends." Seun, Nigeria


"Hi Kim, everytime I receive your newsletter I am dumbfounded at the amount of detail you go into... whereever do you find the time????" NC, Ireland


"I had such a laugh reading your newsletter about the hideous smocks out there - numerous friends have succumbed - I have not seen a single person looking good in them. Roll on next season..." Image & colour consultant, London, UK


"I loved your pithy observations on the latest fashion trends, especially the trapeze shape (ghastly), by the way." Colour & style consultant, UK


"This email made me laugh, you are my kind of person!" YG, Durham, UK


About 'Where has YOUR handbag been?' -"I absolutely loved this! I will never look at my handbag in the same way again...urggggh!" Image Consultant, UK


About 'Where has YOUR handbag been?' -"Thank you for this information.  I never thought about this." Shirley, USA


"Love your articles - as usual always very informative." SS, Image Consultant, Qatar


About 'How to weed out your wardrobe' -"Fabulous! Thank you." Penny, Image Consultant, UK


"By the way I've been meaning to tell you how brilliant your newsletters are. The recent one about the puffball / tent dresses made me laugh out loud! Your sense of humour really comes through but the letters are also great advice." Image consultant, UK


"I have just read your "Stories from the Changing Room" and was pleased to find someone else who would prefer to catalogue-shop to trailing round town. When I was talking to a style consultant locally she said that one needed to see items in the flesh before buying. I strongly disagree with this as the catalogues I use allow customers to return goods, and when I receive my order it gives me the oportunity to try the clothes on in the comfort of my home and to experiment with other items in my wardrobe. I now feel I can catalogue-shop with confidence." Susan, UK


"Thank you for your latest newsletter which was brilliant, and made me laugh out loud. I really enjoy getting them all." SG, UK


"Am loving your articles - really enjoy getting my emails!" Ceann, New Zealand


About 'What to wear as a wedding guest' -"Once again, your newsletter is timely and informative. Appreciate the advice as I myself have a wedding to attend in August!" Noreen, USA


"Many thanks for your fashion tips, articles and very interesting anecdotes." Ingrid, UK


"Am enjoying all the newsletters - I especially like the info you give for colour combinations for each season to wear. It's also good to have a recommendation for somewhere to shop where the shop assistant is helpful and knows her stuff - more of that would be great." Karen, UK


About 'Packing for a holiday' - "Off on hols on Tues. Very timely email. Great." Tina, UK


"I really love the newsletters. They are really great!! and I look forward to receiving more." Sarah, UK colour consultant


About 'Swimwear to flatter your figure' - "These are great tips.... Very much needed as I find myself wearing baby tees and tights at the beach! Now I can look for a flattering suit. Thanks a mil! Your fashion friend." Noreen, USA.


Make-up tips "I thought your make-up issue was very useful. I think that a lot of women need as much help in this area as possible, so any future issues on make-up is very much appreciated!" Laura, UK


"Thank you so much for your newsletters - they are ace and your eBook is wonderful." S. Simpson, Image Consultant, Middle East


Make-up tips "Thank you for the make-up tips. I'm going to print them out and carry them with me. I have been steam-rollered by sales people in the past and trusted their judgment. I feel a lot more confident about facing the make-up counter assistants now, and being able to continue the new look." GP, UK


"Thank you for this great "pick me up" and practical email. Lots of fun to read!!" DL, California, USA


"You encourage with such truth and wisdom. Thank you for sharing what you know with so many people. God bless you!" Debbie, USA


"I am happy to receive your newsletter when I do. You inspired me to change my look. I am a 35-year-old Indian woman born in the West Indies and I am medium to light in complexion. I used to have light brown hair with platinum streaks in it. For a few years I had variations of this style. I recently went on vacation in NYC and upon reading your letters I was inspired to go much darker. I now have jet/blue-black hair and it has changed my look completely. I feel edgier and spunky - that's my personality.

My natural hair color is darkest brown - that was 18 years ago - but anyway people now think I am Chinese or Latino. I did not expect the reaction I am having with this new hair color. I never needed validation from anyone to feel good about my sense of style. I like dressing to fit my personality - not at all conventional and like to change my look about 3 times a year or so.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ms Bolsover. So keep the letters coming. I really do appreciate all the information that I get from you." Noreen, USA


"I can honestly say, I really enjoy your stuff! I come from the same training background as you and a lot of what is said in this industry gives colour & style analysis a bad name, but you are doing a great job. Well done. I always get a laugh from your stuff as well, because you tell it like it is." Niamh, Ireland


"Your emails are so good - lots of helpful hints but with a lot of humour!" SS, Image Consultant, Doha, Qatar


"Just to say thank you for sending these tips, I enjoy reading them. I worked in Colour Analysis for a time but don't any more and it's so nice to keep up with it in this way." CR, Nottingham, UK

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