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How's Your Business Image?

35-40 seconds can make a huge difference
to your business profits

  • Improve the image of your staff

  • Create a smart, professional workforce

  • Increase productivity

  • with a tailor-made
    course, workshop or seminar by Kim Bolsover


86% of companies asked believe that corporate image has a direct impact on their profitability but not many of them bother to do anything practical about it.

You've probably spent hours of thought, action and money on your logo, your letterhead and business cards, but how much time have you spent on your staff?

Surely people are your most important asset?

The way both you and your employees look affects virtually every aspect of your business. We all make assumptions about others when we meet for the first time and people may be deciding whether to buy your service or product (or not) within the first 35 - 40 seconds of meeting you or your staff.

  • Brian Tracy, author of the best-selling 'The Psychology of Achievement', notes that "many capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they simply do not look the part."
  • "In business you are dressing to have an impact on your bosses and teammates. If your clothes don't convey the message that you are competent, able, ambitious, self-confident, reliable and authoritative, nothing you say or do will overcome the negative signals emanating from your apparel." Betty Harragan - Games Mother Never Taught You

A first impression takes around 35 - 40 seconds to form, and 93% of this is based on totally non-verbal signals:

  • 55% is how you look, based on your appearance and how you are dressed
  • 38% is your body language, your posture and how you sound
  • Only 7% is based on what you actually say!

So, do your staff look their best at work?

Could they do with some help to improve their appearance, their confidence and, ultimately, their performance in the workplace - for you?


"Thank you again for yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the day and we’ve all come in to work today talking colours. I have added two more wallets to the list. We all look forward to receiving them so we can shop with our gift certificates with confidence! Thank you again." PP, Lancashire, UK

"I attended the accountants' / lawyers' day on Monday this week where you gave a great presentation. It was a bit frustrating with such a large group but you certainly gave me some things to think about. I'd like to book - can you give me a call please?" CW, Leeds, UK


Update your corporate image
to improve both your reputation
and your business and income potential

Seminars or courses for individuals or for small or large groups on any topic can be tailored for ladies only, men only, or mixed groups.

You may be looking for:

  • Better grooming and dressing from your staff
  • A corporate identity
  • Ways to motivate your staff
  • A team-building exercise
  • One-to-one personal image advice
  • A confidence-building day
  • How to break down barriers
  • Light-hearted entertainment
  • A jolly jaunt to encourage or thank your staff
  • A way forward

I can provide a colour / style / image / personal grooming / motivation session or a series of sessions to cover all or any of these - the choice is yours. These can run for a half or full day and can be run at your premises.

Events like these improve team building because they give everyone confidence in both themselves and each other.

"Thank you so much for a fantastic day – we are all still talking about the ideas and inspiration that you gave us. We will be in touch regarding materials and how we are going to move this forward." Wella (UK) Ltd.


Example content of a corporate seminar

A seminar or workshop could include any or all of the following:

  • First impressions - how other people make up their mind about you in the first 35 seconds (and without you saying a word!) and how important this impression is to both you and your business
  • How to demonstrate that you are a professional by the way you dress
  • Dress to suit your personality
  • How to dress when moving in corporate circles - covering meetings, presentations, interviewing, hosting events, etc.
  • Dressing down - the pros and cons of business casual
  • How to build a professional wardrobe
  • Which colours to wear to look authoritative
  • Which colours to wear to appear more approachable
  • How people judge you by the length of your jacket sleeve!
  • How your choice of accessories can make or break the final impact

"I enjoyed revisiting my colours but found the style personality extraordinary. Thank you for an eye-opening afternoon!"
KO, Cheshire, UK


We can also incorporate some of the particular ideas YOU would like to get over to your staff. For instance, you may be experiencing difficulties in your workplace that are too personal for you to tackle - it's often much easier for an outsider to talk to staff about inappropriate clothes, poor grooming, or their behaviour in the workplace. I can do that for you and, at the same time, get the entire group of your staff to agree on future dress and behaviour protocol.

A full day could be run using any one of these 3 approaches:

  1. a general seminar on the subjects agreed in the morning, followed by personal consultations for a small number of individuals in the afternoon
  2. or a seminar for men in the morning, and a separate seminar for the ladies in the afternoon
  3. an entire day of interactive sessions for everyone


Your staff will benefit because


Good appearance leads to increased confidence

  • which projects a positive image
    • that improves work relationships
      • which increases performance
        • and they will have fun!

You and your company will then reap the benefits of:

  • A smart, professional workforce
  • Increased performance from motivated people
  • The positive reputation of a forward-thinking company who values their staff

"I managed to get some successful shopping in at lunch time. I've already enjoying picking out the 'cool' coloured clothes. I would like to get one of the colour coded set of cards you had with you to help - and I see you do one with men's clothes particularly in mind. Cheers and thanks again for a great afternoon." MN, Manchester


Each company's requirements are different and I couldn't begin to explain here the plethora of ideas which could be applied to your particular situation. Why don't you contact me to discuss your requirements - with absolutely no obligation, of course! I would love to talk your ideas through with you, and to be able to suggest a few of my own!


Kinds Regards,
Kim Bolsover
Kim Bolsover

Kim Bolsover


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