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Our suppliers

Our chosen manufacturer has been creating and improving their product range for over 30 years, and we have worked with them for all of that time. We consider them to be the best on the market. I have personally investigated all sorts of other options out there from other suppliers and have never once wanted to stray from the excellent array of colour analysis products that you see here.

extensive seasonal and tonal drape selection

Our drapes work with any system

The drapes and wallets we provide are designed to work with every system and every other drape or swatch wallet in the world.


More information

Full list of drapes | Fabric | Drape sizes | Drape notations
How to order drapes
| Colour matching | More hints and tips


How to Order Drapes

  • Choose one or any number of drapes
    (there is no minimum order) from the full list below
  • Print the full list of drapes
  • The men's drapes are not dyed by us and we use off-the-shelf fabrics, which means we have no control over consistent supplies.
  • Please check the list below to see which fabrics are currently available
  • When ordering drapes in quantities of 20 or more,
    please allow a further 7 to 14 days for delivery.


Drape sets are also available

A range of drape sets and a starter kit can be found on the drape sets page OR you can choose your own selection of individual drapes from the list below. There is no minimum order.


Choose your drapes from the numbered selection below:
  1 Blue Red   44 Sky Blue   87 Deep Hot Pink   130 Light Camel
  2 Light Blue Red   45 Light Periwinkle Blue   88 Clear Bright Pink   131 Warm Beige
  3 Dark True Red   46 Bright Light Blue   89 Carnation   132 Taupe
  4 True Red   47 Pastel Aqua   90 Bright Coral   133 Black
  5 Clear Bright Red   48 Powder Blue   91 Coral Pink   134 Charcoal Grey
  6 Mango   49 Pine Green   92 Rose Pink   135 Autumn Grey
  7 Deep Rose   50 Forest Green   93 Shocking Pink   136 Dark Olive
  8 Watermelon Red   51 Emerald Green   94 Pastel Pink   137 Moss Green
  9 Orange Red   52 Emerald Turquoise   95 Powder Pink   138 Olive Green
  10 Bright Orange Red   53 Light Emerald Turquoise   96 Muted Pink   139 Green Grey
  11 Bittersweet   54 True Green   97 Terracotta   140 Light Green Grey
  12 Dark Tomato Red   55 Light True Green   98 Orange   141 Light Warm Grey
  13 Pumpkin   56 Dark Yellow Green   99 Salmon   142 Light True Grey
  14 Mustard   57 Bright True Green   100 Deep Peach   143 Medium True Grey
  15 Gold   58 Light Yellow Green   101 Clear Salmon   144 Light Blue Grey
  16 Yellow Gold   59 Yellow Green   102 Medium Apricot   145 Medium blue Grey
  17 Bright Yellow   60 Lime Green   103 Muted Apricot   146 Bright Navy
  18 Light Clear Gold   61 Muted Turquoise   104 Wm. Pastel Pink   147 not used
  19 Buff   62 Dark Teal   105 Peach   148 Muted Navy
  20 Bright Lemon Yellow   63 Teal Blue   106 Light Apricot   149 Bright Purple
  21 Lemon Yellow   64 Light Warm Aqua   107 Soft Peach   150 not used
  22 Light Lemon Yellow   65 Chinese Blue   108 Natural Beige   151 Blue Violet
  23 Icy Yellow   66 Hot Turquoise   109 White   152 Medium Cool Grey
  24 Pastel Yellow Green   67 Clear Bright Aqua   110 Soft White   153 Cool Taupe
  25 Navy Blue   68 Deep Blue Green   111 Ivory White   154 Black/Brown
  26 Grey Navy   69 Medium Blue Green   112 Light Warm Beige   155 Bright Orange
  27 Marine Navy   70 Turquoise   113 Ivory   156 Icy Grey
  28 Light Clear Navy   71 Pastel Blue Green   114 Oyster   157 New Aubergine
  29 Royal Blue   72 Jade Green   115 Rose Beige   158 New Burgundy
  30 Dark Periwinkle Blue   73 Dark Mahogany   116 Icy Blue   159 New Blue Red
  31 Bright Periwinkle Blue   74 Mahogany   117 Icy Violet   160 New Fuchsia
  32 Medium Blue   75 Rust   118 Icy Pink   161 Cadet Blue
  33 True Blue   76 Bright Burgundy   119 Icy Aqua   162 New Taupe
  34 Light True Blue   77 Burgundy   120 Icy Green   163 New Camel
  35 Charcoal Blue Grey   78 Aubergine   121 Dark Choc Brown   164 Light Teal
  36 Grey Blue   79 Plum   122 Coffee Brown   166 Light Moss
  37 Royal Purple   80 Fuchsia   123 Rose Brown   167 New Emerald
  38 Muted Violet   81 Soft Fuchsia   124 Dark Taupe   168 New Pine Green
  39 Warm Purple   82 Mauve   125 Medium Bronze   169 New Coral
  40 Medium Violet   83 Orchid   126 Medium Gold Brown   170 Green Sulphur *
  41 Light Violet   84 Greyed Violet   127 Golden Tan   171 Almond Cream *
  42 Lavender   85 Raspberry   128 Cocoa    
  43 Periwinkle   86 Magenta   129 Camel    
  Metallic Gold and Silver        
  301 Bright Gold   302 Bright Silver   303 Antique Silver   304 Antique Gold


Print the full list (pdf download)


Total colours available: 173
(updated 8th June 2010, and subject to change)
NB. These two numbers are NOT used - 147 and 150


Men's Fabrics

The men's drapes are not dyed by us and we use off-the-shelf fabrics, which means we have no control over consistent supplies.

  • Tip: your analysis for both men and women will be so much more accurate by using these textured fabrics in conjunction with our other precision-dyed drapes (above)
  283 Warm Beige   275 Light Blue Check   325 Chatsworth Pink (floral)
  307 Olive   308 Autumn Column   342 Black/Blue Stretch
  333 Warm Grey Check   309 Regent Orange    
  337 Bright Winter Blue   319 Steel Blue  
  338 Black/White Dogtooth   332 Red Stripe  
  339 Navy Cord   346 Cool Grey Pinstripe  
  341 Black/White Check        
  343 Brown Wool/Cotton        
  344 Warm Grey Pinstripe        
  345 Gold Tan        
  347 Summer Navy Pinstripe        
  348 Dark Yellow Green Linen        

Total men's fabrics = 20
(updated 15 September 2015, and subject to change)

You can order the men's drapes individually or in our one-click pack :


  • Total drapes available: 173 colours + 20 Men's fabrics = 193
  • Print the full list of drapes
    (updated 15 September 2015, and subject to change)
  • A range of drape sets and starter sets can be found on the drape sets page
  • OR you can choose your own selection of individual drapes from the list above
  • There is no minimum order



The fabric for drapes, wallets, capes, etc. is 100% cotton poplin and is precision dyed to specification. No other supplier / manufacturer has such an unique colour range, and they retain full control, not only on the colour correctness but on the overall quality of their products.

NB. The men's drapes are not dyed by us and we use off-the-shelf fabrics, which means we have no control over consistent supplies. Tip: your analysis will be so much more accurate by using these textured fabrics in conjunction with our other precision-dyed drapes (above)


Drape sizes

  • Standard: 28 x 48cm (11 x 19 inches)
  • Large: 48 x 56cm (19 x 22 inches)
  • The men's fabrics are available only in the standard drape size.


Drape notations

Each drape is labelled with both Tonal and Seasonal directions.

  • Each drape carries a label which shows the name of the hue, shade, tone or tint and its number - these are for ordering purposes only.
  • Each drape suggests which season could safely wear that colour:
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Winter
  • Each drape also suggests which tonal direction could safely wear that colour:
    • LT = Light
    • DK = Dark/Deep
    • BT = Bright/Clear
    • MT = Muted
    • C = Cool
    • W = Warm

So if you work with the tonal approach, you can use any of the drapes with that method. They are all also marked with the seasons, so every drape can be used with any system at all.


Colour matching
i.e. selecting colours for drapes and colour swatches

We are unable to advise you on your selection of drape colours or colour swatches:

  • We are unable to consider scans, images, or photos as we cannot guarantee that our computer equipment calibrates colour in exactly the same way as your equipment
  • We are unable to consider your names or descriptions of colours as there is no internationally-recognised list of colour names or descriptions
  • We do not supply samples or any products on a sale or return basis

The only accurate way to ensure correct colour matching

is for you to invest in a Colour Fabric Catalogue which contains one swatch of each of all our colour fabrics

fabric catalogue - swatch holder populated with the complete range of pb swatch colours

This represents a much lower investment than purchasing a full tonal or seasonal drape set which only contain 90 and 60 colours each respectively.  Our current catalogue contains 173 swatches.  It will also be a useful visual aid for demonstrating the nuances of colour to all your clients.

We do NOT supply samples or any products on a sale or return basis


Read my own personal hints and tips on using the drapes



  1. Use the extensive drapes table above to choose your drape colours. Each drape has a number followed by a name.
  2. Make a note (in Notepad, MS Word, etc) of the number of standard drapes, large drapes and men's drapes you require. For example:
    Standard drapes: 2x #1, 1x #40, 1x #79. Total: 4
    Large drapes: 1x #9, 1x #14, 1x #44. Total: 3
    Men's drapes: 1x #209. Total: 1
  3. Then, using the example above, add to your shopping cart
    • 4x standard drapes
    • 3x large drapes
    • 1x men's drape
  4. Finally, before clicking on the green Check-Out button, copy and paste your drape numbers into the 'List ID numbers here' box.

    If you find your drape list to be rather large, just send a separate email and we'll tie this up with your order (we're very flexible!).
  5. To start placing your order, go to the drape price list

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