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You’re an image consultant or want to become an image consultant...

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If you have a deep desire to help others change how they look and feel about themselves, and to put the client first, this is the perfect time and place for you to become an image consultant or to take your existing image business to a whole new level of success. My training courses and audiobooks are designed specifically for image consultants and personal stylists and show you:

  • how to achieve success in your image business
  • how to find and work with new clients
  • how to earn a part-time or full-time income

Every new level of success you achieve in your business means you’re helping others, changing lives, giving back. Get excited, because all of this can happen for you!

  • Do you want to learn self-paced home-study?
  • Do you want 1-to-1 personal VIP training?
  • Are you looking for franchise-free training courses?
  • Would you like all the support you need while you're learning?
  • Do you need more knowledge, more motivation, and more support to kick-start your existing image business?

The image world needs you and your passion...

The world desperately needs more image consultants and personal stylists who put the client first. If that's you, then what are you waiting for? All it takes is a decision. And, you too can change your future, your life, and the lives of your clients who are just waiting for you to get on with it!

I have personally authored a comprehensive range of training courses and a complete audiobook library specifically for image consultants who want to know how to get started, or how to take their image business to the next level.

I'm also excited to announce VIP Training & Coaching for a select few business owners, and it goes without saying we have the best quality colour supplies at trade prices with volume discounts and we ship all around the world too.

What are you waiting for!

35th Anniversary Specials

Good grief and glory! It can't possibly be 35 years since I started out in the image, colour and style industry. I don't know whether to celebrate or buy myself a Zimmer frame! Forget the Zimmer frame, let's celebrate together.

During 2015 as we celebrate 35 years of colour & style I want to give a big thank you to everyone of our customers, clients, and newsletter readers around the world with 7 SuperDeals, each limited to just 5 available, because 7 x 5 = 35.

Top sellers & 35th anniversary specials

training for 11 dollars
Colour Analysis Explained

on improvability.TV

For new and experienced image consultants. A unique six part series equivalent to an entire day of colour analysis training. Colour analysis has come a long way since I started back in 1980. It took me around 5 years to 'get' seasonal colour analysis so I understand exactly how it feels to be unsure about what you're doing when you sit your client in front of the mirror and you're expected to perform like an expert! This is exactly why I am going to share with you my step-by-step method of colour analysis for each of the tonal and seasonal directions.

That's about an hour of colour training for just 11 dollars

watch on


only 7.50
Audiobooks for Image Consultants

These 34 audiobooks are recordings of masterclasses created for my VIP clients and programs. They cover the core skills of colour and style analysis, how to deliver your services, how to get clients, how to promote your services, business and personal self-development success strategies, and my own favourites - colour psychology and style personality. They're all around 40 - 60 minutes and you can download and listen on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Have an audiobook in the library at half price,
and pay just £7.50

with coupon: AUBL35

browse audiobook library

only 28.50
Discover What it Really Takes

Webinar Workshop and Workbook

Discover What It Really Takes to Run A Successful Image Business - a brand-new webinar workshop with workbook. No more faffing about, it's time for some good hard decision making! If you really, truly want to know what it actually takes to run a successful colour, style and image business, then you need this online workshop. By the way, this is a WORKshop which means you will get some work to do!

Have the webinar workshop with workbook at half price
and pay just £28.50

with coupon: DWRT35

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save 33%
The Complete Colour & Style Toolkit

Done-for-you client handouts for seasonal and tonal colour, body shapes, style personalities, men's colour and men's image. Loads of proven marketing ideas to find clients and build your business, with 19 already-written newsletters that you can use straight away. Plus more fabulous bonuses - check them out! Designed for image consultants and personal stylists who are looking for proven ready-to-implement ideas for building a successful business.

Have the toolkit with 33% savings
and pay just £85.09

with coupon: CCST35

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save 60%
The 3 Steps to Success Training in a Box

Too many image consultants are trained in colour analysis and personal style but still have little idea how to get paying clients and grow their business. Learn how to define and refine your mindset and your business, and how to promote yourself and your business for consistent success.

Have 3 Steps to Success with 60% savings
and pay just £188.80

with coupon: MSTS35

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save 150.00
Get More Clients Bootcamp

The Get More Clients bootcamp for entrepreneurs and business owners like you. In 6 short weeks you can create a practical, workable plan to help you build a successful business based around you, your personality, skills and experience, and the kind of lifestyle you really want, to get all the clients and financial rewards you know you deserve. You want to know where to find your first paying clients, how to let potential clients know that you’re available for business, what to say to them, what to charge, and how to keep your clients once you’ve got them!

Get the bootcamp today, save 150.00
and pay just £247.00

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